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Instagram Growth and Marketing Guide Over the years Instagram has gained popularity with an estimate of about three hundred million users in the past one year. What only began as two friends with a dream in almost the past 6 years has now become the biggest place where people share photos and videos. Different people go to Instagram for different purposes inclusive of business purposes other than just sharing photos and videos with friends. With your reasons it is therefore true that you can develop your Instagram with your own reasons. Below are some of the strategies that you can use to help grow and market your Instagram. It will work out best for you if you can use all the tools Instagram has to offer. Every year ever since Instagram was developed there has been developments in and out to make it more fun. Instagram offers a chance to change the things you post to your account like photos and videos other than the fact that it has changed in the technical part too. Learn about the after effects, different filters and the many editing effects. At the end of the day no matter the person you are you will get at least one option that you can work with. Just be sure to stay smart and alive in Instagram. Interacting with others is a good way of growing your Instagram account. If you want to get more followers and possibly maintain the followers you have it is prudent that you keep them engaged to your account. The content you post should be of quality and very engaging; you can also use hashtags to create buzz. Both those you want to follow and those that already follow you should be interacted to. If your posts are follow-worthy then it is time to start following others. The things that will attract most Instagram users today is quality and entertaining posts. Active people attract a lot of people on Instagram.
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Even as you try to always maintain our posts it is important to see that you do not over post. When you post a lot of photos at the same time something happens to the feeds of those who are following you. Your many posts will become boring and most of your followers will begin to scroll past them. The best way to do this is simply by adding regularly and jumping a few days is wise sometimes.
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Last but not least, be sure to promote your Instagram posts everywhere you can. Joining your Instagram and Facebook accounts should be the first thing you do when you first join Instagram. This will help you attract most of your friends who are on Facebook and if there are those who are not there then you can always invite them. Note that you can always take the link of any of your post and share it on any other social media where you have friends for them to go see.