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Home Doors: Deciding Between Solid Wood or MDF

Many of our clients always ask if solid wood is the best material, but we tell them that isn’t always the case. Surprisingly, despite of solid wood’s beautiful, strong and sturdy look, they’re still subjected to changes in humidity and heat causing cracking, shrinking or buckling. Medium density fiberboard or MDF are machine dried and are pressed to produce stable and dense sheets, made of recycled wood fibers and resin, that can perform better than solid wood in many areas.

MDF is considered as more stable than solid wood, standing up better to environmental changes in heat and humidity. Solid wood boards expand and contract vertically and horizontally when humidity and temperatures rise and fall. And for this reason, a high level of care and maintenance are required for cabinets, panels and doors made from solid wood boards. MDF is perfect for areas where humidity tends to be high such as kitchen and bathrooms, for cabinets and vanities. Some MDF manufacturers even incorporate water-resistant, formaldehyde-free and superior grade MDF products. When it comes to the construction of painted cabinet doors, MDF also outperforms solid wood boards. When it comes to building solid wood doors, the conventional framing and paneling methods involve the connection of five separate pieces, four frame prices and a central panel that is cut slightly smaller the door frame because it needs to float, allowing contraction and expansion. For MDF, the panel stock allows a different construction method since it is made of processed wood fibers. MDF can move independently from the frame because of its good density, so the inserted panel doesn’t need to float like the traditional five-piece solid wood door. With this two-piece construction method, MDF expands and contracts as a unit and not as individual pieces of wood, thus not causing the paint to peel or crack at the joints.

MDF boards are available in larger sizes unlike solid wood panels, that can be milled into wainscot paneling and bead board panels like 5 foot by 12 foot panels. Solid wood is expensive and not readily available while MDF is of better value and widely available in the market today. The use of MDF is environmentally friendly, and it is more economical in many applications such as in wainscoting and board paneling wherein large sheets can also be used. You must review your options for choosing the best material for your home kitchen door or bathroom door project. We are willing to help you check your options for any door project. We are one of the best door companies who can help you with any of your home door needs.Finding Parallels Between Kitchens and Life

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