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Why Cold Brewed Coffee is Great

The benefits of cold-brewed coffee is just beginning to be discovered despite being a favorite among millions of coffee drinkers, from the regular ones to the connoisseurs. While still using their favorite brand of coffee, cold-brewing ground beans produces a coffee that is naturally low in acid.

Acid sensitivity makes coffee lovers suffer from drinking coffee made by conventional hot-brew-methods which causes heartburns, and for them it is a good thing to hear that cold-brewed coffee is sixty seven percent less acidic that regularly brewed one.

People think that the only way to extract the coffee beans’ delicious flavor is to mix them with hot water. By eliminating the undesirable bitter acids and oils, the idea of extracting the beans true flavor is simply to put it in a state where it is primed for easy mixability (water).
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This is a process of turning coffee beans into a beverage. This process starts with the bean itself that must be roasted and ground first and then brewed. The ways by which you can buy coffee is unprocessed, already roasted, or roasted and ground coffee. There are various ways of brewing though, you can either perked, dripped, boiled, reconstitute or pressed them or you can cold-brewed it.
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This last one is a no-tech, non-electrical extraction method that uses cold water and coarsely ground coffee beans. The process of extracting flavor using cold-brewing is done in a simple process unlike other methods that uses heat. In cold brewing, you need to soak your coarsely ground coffee beans in nine cups of water for twelve hours in a plastic pail. When the twelve hours is over, you open the bottom drain and allow the coffee syrup to drain through a filter into a glass carafe. You can store you coffee syrup in the refrigerator until you are ready to drink it by simply adding cold or hot water, whichever suits your taste. The result is a smooth, full-flavored cuppa that’s easy to those who has a sensitive stomach.

This concentrate or syrup can last up to fourteen days without any deterioration in taste or freshness. You can store this concentrate and it can be mixed with your favorite recipes like iced and frozen drinks. You can even freeze them so you have coffee ice cubed which you can bring on trips as instant coffee and other applications that you can think of. Besides the beauty rest on the probability of tossing out leftover from brewing coffee the traditional way is less likely. With the concentrate, you make only what you will drink. You can easily prepare a cup for yourself every time you need it.