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Merits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have received impressive reception since their introduction, which is evident in the way their use has risen over the years. The fact that ecigs are free of the more than 4,000 chemical compounds that are present in conventional cigarettes is hugely to credit for the positive response they have received. A user of electric cigarettes will result in the following benefits.

Traditional cigarettes, as mentioned above, contain thousands of chemicals with numerous others undiscovered and whose effects are unknown to date. A good percentage of these substances have been linked directly to cancer and other terminal illnesses. You will not risk contracting such inconceivable illnesses with the use of ecigs.

The scent of a user of traditional cigarettes precedes him or her. The offensive scent is not momentary but enduring, meaning that it is hard to stay around that person for some time. That explains why it is tough to find a job or date of you smoke conventional cigarettes. An electronic cigarette emits odorless vapor that does not offend in any way.
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It is costly to maintain a traditional cigarette smoking habit because such commodities are being heavily taxed to limit their consumption. In a matter of months, traditional cigarettes add up to a large amount. With ecig use, however, you only have to refill your ejuice, meaning that you won’t spend a lot.
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You cannot just light up a traditional cigarette anywhere your craving comes up. “No smoking” signs are all over and you could be in a location where some are placed. A user of electric cigarettes will not have a problem because the use of such a product will not case discomfort to any of the persons close by.

Electronic cigarettes come in an array of exciting flavors that you can try out. In addition to finding flavors that are similar to those of the traditional cigarettes you used to smoke, you will find other varieties that vary significantly. One advantages that comes with ecig use is that you can choose from more flavors than you will ever find if you use traditional cigarettes.

Conventional cigarettes are sources of the many fires that are reported everyday. However, electric cigarettes do not use matches of filters, making them usable even in areas with inflammable materials present since no fire risks are present. Besides, you will not drop stubs like a conventional smoker after you are thorough with your ecig since all that is required is to switch it off. Most clothes and bedding that are owned by users of traditional tobacco products are filled with cigarette holes, which is evidence of how risky such products are.