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A Guide to Building a Great Church Website A website is one of the best tools that churches can use to attract more potential visitors and build connections with their members. Despite the massive benefits of having a website, only over a fifth of churches have active sites. Every church should strive to have a simple, relevant and frequently updated site to connect members. Whether you’re looking to build or improve your church website, it’s important to understand some of these critical guidelines. Decide on the core functionalities of your church website. One of these should include a church calendar that provides detailed information on church sermons, events and schedules to members and visitors. Another key functionality is outreach optimization that ensures your site is easy to find online. Pick the perfect domain name for your church, ensure that your web design layout is visually appealing to visitors and make use of SEO to build a web presence. You should also include integration of your church management software and functionalities like online donations, video sermons, online event signup, member directory and a church blog. Integrate social media as a key functionality of your website. There is an increasing focus on new visitors by most churches today. By integrating social media, you will be able to connect, communicate and interact with members and visitors alike more directly. Your website will likely be the first point of contact people will have with your church. Your work is to make sure that people know when, where and what’s happening in your church in an easy way. Social media tools make it easy for church leaders, staff, members and even visitors to coordinate with one another.
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When it comes to building the site, a clean and minimal design is recommended. For churches that are working with limited budgets, different free tools are available that can be used to create simple church websites using already designed templates and themes. For big churches that need highly interactive websites, hiring the services of a certified web design expert is advisable to ensure custom-design needs are met. While website structures may vary, what matters most is a site’s integration to ensure that every vital detail is easily accessible.
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The size of your church also influences the type of website you’ll need. Unless you’re a big church with thousands of members, you don’t have to integrate every functionality available into your website. Despite the size of your church, knowing what website features matter most and how you can get more visitors is crucial. How well you build and connect with the people of your church will be determined by the choices you make. With these considerations in mind, designing your church website will be an easier process.