Memorial for a Love One

Growing up my husband was very close to his Aunt and Uncle. In fact when his parents were so busy with work, he practically lived with them on more than one occasion. So when his Aunt passed away six months ago, I knew we had to buy something special to give his Uncle. I have been in the family for ten years now and I had fallen in love with both of them. I went online and did an internet search for Jewish monuments in nj . They were Jewish and since we converted to Christianity five years ago, we didn’t have any idea of what to get.

When I found your online store I was able to purchase two very nice plaques. My husband’s uncle was so surprised, and loved it. He felt it was a fitting tribute for his late wife. While I was on your online store I also decided to purchase a gift for my husband. He was also grieving over the loss of his Aunt. On so many levels she was like a second mother to him and when we got married she and her husband welcomed me with open arms to the family. I never felt like a stranger whenever I was with them. Your online store had so many great ideas, it turned out the only problem I had was narrowing them down to two. I also liked that you also had other Religions too, not just Jewish. Shopping online can really be unpredictable, but that was definitely not the case this time. I was thrilled with the finished product. The quality was very high at a reasonable price. I know in the future I will recommend you to family and if I ever need to buy more religious items I will shop at your store.