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Tips to Help You Find the Best Cafe in Chiang Mai

Whether you are visiting Chiang Mai for business or vacation, food is one of the key things that will make your trip memorable. Inasmuch as you can take your food at hotels, going to the places that locals get their meals at will give you a better experience. There is no better way to experience local Thai food than at Chiang Mai cafes. However, finding a good caf? can be quite a challenge. This is because the best cafes may not necessarily be heavily advertised. Moreover, locating the cafes when you are in Chiang Mai for the first time can be quite a challenge.

What can you do to find the best Chiang Mai caf?? To do this, you need the right information. The locals know these cafes and frequent them for food. To find the best cafes in Chiang Mai, follow the two tips below.

Use Travel Guides
After settling on the date you would like to visit Chiang Mai, it’s important to start researching the cafes in the city. The internet is a good place to start your search. When you search online, you will get hundreds of leads on cafes in Chiang Mai. Search for reviews of the different cafes in the city to know more about them. Check what people are saying about specific restaurants. Also, find out the kind of foods they offer.

The local bookstore or library can also help you find information about the best cafes in Chiang Mai. There, you may find city travel guides with information on the best local cuisines to try. The guides tend to highlight the restaurants that tourists prefer. Moreover, they may have their list of the best cafes in Chiang Mai.

Ask for Recommendations
Asking for recommendations from family members and friends is another way in which you can find the best cafes in Chiang Mai. Check social networking sites for information from your friends about Chiang Mai. Your friends that have been to the city can recommend some of the restaurants they visited.

Apart from your social network connections, you can get information about the best cafes in Chiang Mai by searching on the social networks. Most cafes and restaurants have a presence on the major social networks. In some cases, you will find reviews of the cafes at social media sites. You can also know more about different Chiang Mai cafes by following them on social media sites. Some cafes post pictures and special deals on their social networks.

You can find the best Chiang Mai restaurants by following the two tips above.
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