The Challenges of an Executive Search for Project Managers

A busy Executive search firm sometimes has its own endeavor to find candidates suitable to work for the recruiting agency. These agencies look for motivated, energetic individuals who are willing to work long hours, but also can expect excellent pay and benefits. Matching candidates with intriguing work positions is a rewarding job, and executive recruiters tend to really enjoy what they do, even while sometimes finding it very challenging. Some recruiters focus on specific industries, while others seek candidates in a broad range of fields to match with open positions.

Some positions are tough to fill for various reasons. For example, the money may be right, but the job may require candidates to move every year or two. Some positions, such as that of construction project manager or information technology project manager, might only be long-term temporary opportunities. Yet most executive-level individuals are looking for a permanent position and a company with which they can build and further a career. Contract positions can be unpredictable, and not everyone feels comfortable with this. A project may wrap up much sooner than anticipated, or, in contrast, may continue longer than the individual wanted to stay on.

Recruiters from a firm such as Kaye/Bassman International Corp. (KBIC) must find suitable candidates for these types of jobs and convince them as to why applying would be worthwhile. They may also need to encourage the companies to offer extra enticements to enhance the recruiting process. That might involve offering a more flexible work schedule or donation matches to the person’s favorite charity. The company might work up a description of how the relatively short-term position could be a substantial advantage on the person’s resume and lead to new career possibilities.

Contract jobs for managers and other high-level workers often are very lucrative positions since companies can have a difficult time attracting superb applicants without offering exceptionally high pay. An additional advantage includes the chance to work with an esteemed organization that provides a significant point of interest on the person’s curriculum vitae. The person also is likely to acquire new knowledge, master additional skills and make important new networking contacts.