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The most Suitable Dog Food For Yorkies

Yorkies are known to be small dogs and therefore they do not need large amount of feeds. The most common weight for Yorkies fall between three and eight pounds. If you have one that fall on the light side of the weighing range and is not very active, it should take at least 150 calories each day. However if you have a big Yorkies, you should feed with 200 calorie everyday.

One of the most crucial thing about Yorkies that you should know is that their stomach are very little. One thing that is vital about Yorkies is that they have very tiny and little stomach. This means that they cannot handle two feeds per day like in the case of other dogs. they are most likely to fall ill whenever they eat too much. The best option is to organize for four small of feeding per day. This has worked for many Yorkies.

it is common for Yorkies to have dental related problems. For this reason, dry foods makes the most suitable meal for them. The reason is that the rough tastes of the food will help with their canine cleaning. But, you can as well occasionally give them a small amount of wet food. Just like the other dogs, Yorkies also need protein in their diet. The most recommended food protein are the ones that are lot of the muscles of animals. Turkey, beef , fish and lamb makes perfect examples. This should never be an issue as you can find at least one of these from the many commercial dog foods. You only have to avoid protein from other sources.

Carbohydrates should also make part of the Yorkies meal. However with carbs, you will have to be more careful. The reason is that some of the types of carbs found in the dogs food can be pretty hard on the stomach of Yorkies. Good examples of carbohydrate-rich foods that you should not give them are corn and soy. The best carbs foods for them are brown rice and sweet potatoes. You should just ensure that the brown rice is of good quality as cheap varieties tend to contain arsenic.

Fat is a very important part of every dogs food. Some of the dogs food are normally very light on the fat. However in Yorkies, it is enough fat that will enable them keep their long and shiny coats in good shape. If you want to make them look more stylish, you need to give them a lot of fish oil. For those who cannot easily find dogs food that are rich in fish oil, they can as well buy the oil from the market and our sprinkle just a little on their Yorkies food.

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