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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Women Compound Bows

Finding a compound bow for women can be quite challenging mostly because most bows are designed for men. Tips for buying the right compound bow for women.

One of the key points to consider when you are buying your compound bow is its overall weight. It will be difficult for a woman to move around while carrying a bow that is heavy. However, it is important to ensure that they come with vibrations because light bows tend to be louder.

Drawing a compound bow involves a lot of work and effort; therefore, ensure that the draw weight is appropriate for you. Compound bows whose draw weight can easily be adjusted are perfect for women. Try pulling the string back several times so you will know which is too heavy for and which feel right. A lower draw weight will use less strength but it will mean less speed.

Choose a compound bow that provides you with great adjustability to provide a good grip and accurate shoot. For instance some bows come with a lock limb which enables you to adjust your grip as per your convenience.
When finding a bow, it is important to ensure that draw length is right for you. You want a draw length that will enable you to comfortably pull the arrow to your throat. Ensure that the draw length of the compound could easily be adjusted. It’s important to pick the right draw length because it will have an impact on your speed and accuracy.

Consider the brace height by examining the distance from your grip and the bowstring when at rest. A lower brace height will be difficult to shoot but the bow will be faster, on the other hand, a higher brace height means more control but at a slower shoot rate.
Also, keep in mind the length of the bow and choose the one that you feel comfortable shooting with. Longer bows are recommended because they are more accurate than shorter bows.

If you are just starting, consider marking your purchase form a local archery shop so that you get guidance and also, you will be able to examine the different bows available. There should be trained employees to guide you through the pros and cons of each compound bow so you can make an informed decision.

Lastly, determine your budget before you make your purchase so that you can buy a bow that is within your means. Buying a compound bow can be expensive because it requires other accessories that are purchased separately, therefore, decide on the necessary accessories like arrows and a rest to start with.

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