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What you Need to Know When Choosing Concrete Driveway Sealer

Even though concrete driveways are durable they are also prone to damage. Concrete is porous. Holes and cracks start to form once moisture, dirt and snow penetrates into the slab. Concrete driveways need to be sealed in order to improve the appearance and for protective purposes. There are different types of concrete sealers. They include penetrating sealers, epoxy sealers and others. It can be tricky to identify the best sealer for your driveway. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right sealer.

First, you need to consider safety when choosing a sealer. Slip resistant sealers are the most preffered. Most sealers are mixed with fine aggregate to make it textured so that they become non-skid. The gloss level of sheen on driveways needs to be low. This way drivers will not get distracted. Durability should also put into consideration. Determine how ofeten the driveway is used. Choose a sealer that is more durable if there is constant movement either by vehicle or foot. This way it will be more resistant to damage from outside elements.

Make sure the sealer you choose will protect your driveway from further damage by adding extra layer of protection. This is to prevent damaging elements such as snow and water from penetrating. It is advisable to consult a professional concrete driveway contractor to give you guidance on the best sealer to use. The internet is also full of information. Read customer reviews. You can ask your friend or neighbor to give you advice on the sealer to use.

Additionally, it is advisable to use a penetrating waterproof sealer than one that forms a film. A penetratinf sealer is the most preffered because it is non slippery and has no gloss. To be sure that a sealer meets your safety needs, test it on small portions on your driveway, both on wet and dry spots. Driveway sealers are not meant to last forever but they should last for one to three years. How long a sealer lasts is determined by the type and quality of resin.

Generally, concrete still performs well even when not sealed. Applying a sealer saves you on repair costs as there will be no extensive damage on your driveway from outside elements. The appearance of the color of decorative concrete driveways is significantly improved. Sealers are not so expensive. It is better to buy one that is of high quality for it to last long. Applying sealers iseasy. It can take less than a day to apply sealer on residential driveway. It is something that you can do it alone. If you are too busy you can pay a local concrete contractor.

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