The Chance to Work in Financial Consulting or Marketing in the Caribbean Islands

Companies like Cane Bay Partners offer job opportunities to residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands and people who would like to move there. Many U.S. citizens dream of moving to a beautiful ocean island, and doing so tends to be easier when the island is part of the United States. The United Kingdom owns some of the Virgin Islands and the rest of the group is a U.S. territory.

Position Examples

This particular small business is headquartered on the island of St. Croix and provides financial consulting services to clients. Satellite offices are located in Atlanta and Belize, which is in Central America on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The partners both hold the position of chief executive officer, and they employ workers in positions like risk analyst, financial analyst, marketing specialist and marketing manager.

Employees who appreciate a supportive atmosphere, a beautiful setting, and a business with strong philanthropic interests will enjoy working at this type of company. They’ll be glad to get involved with community efforts like fundraising and distributing necessary supplies after a natural disaster.

Typical Requirements

Consulting positions generally are offered to seasoned candidates with several years of relevant experience. Management and business consulting positions tend to pay very well because firms seek out top-notch candidates and expect a great deal from these individuals. The employees may be expected to travel frequently and to work many more than 40 hours per week. They must deliver superb results for the clients so the consulting organization’s reputation continues to be excellent and more clients contract for their services.

Although much of the analyst and marketing work can be done remotely, consulting companies typically prefer their employees to make a home base at the headquarters or a satellite office. The camaraderie and sense of functioning as a team can be important in these endeavors. It’s easier to gather everyone together for meetings, especially impromptu meetings.

Candidates for financial consulting positions usually must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. The degree does not necessarily have to be in a business-related subject as long as the individual has a great deal of relevant experience for the position.