Airmail: The allure associated with long-distance air letter

Airmail: The allure associated with long-distance air letter

The woman that is young the desk inside my local post office looked bewildered. “I think we’ve got some somewhere”, she mumbled before returning with a pile of dusty envelopes. “Nobody really asks of these any longer,” she admitted.

A century ago this month the world’s very first air mail service began

Passed under the counter and into my hand was a good example of a mode of communication which includes all but vanished. Thanks to Skype, texts and e-mails, there’s little need anymore when it comes to small pale blue envelopes aided by the diagonal red and blue stripes all over border, extra thin blue writing paper and multitude of stamps and post marks that constitutes an air mail letter. Dr. Richard Saundry, editor of the British Air Mail Society Journal, believes that we’re vulnerable to losing something both powerful and romantic.

“I think it is very regrettable that nobody seems to use air mail any more”, he informs me. “We live in a very age that is lazy the other happens to be lost. There’s a huge thrill and excitement, and a kind of romance in receiving an air mail letter from the other side of the world on your door mat. The world wide web just can’t replace that.”

A hundred years ago this month the world’s very air that is first service began. Flying from Allahabad, near Delhi, only seven years after the Wright brothers made their first forays to the air, the plane, flown by a pilot that is french Henri Pequet, travelled 15 miles to Naini. Up to speed were six and a half thousand letters including one authored by Motilal Nehru, father associated with the first president of independent India.

Great britain wasn’t far behind utilizing the first air mail flight lifting off from Hendon to Windsor later that year. Today the speed that these pioneers succeeded in reaching to get letters around the world is seldom beaten. Continue reading Airmail: The allure associated with long-distance air letter